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No one can predict the future and what life holds for us and none of us is bullet-proof! So having adequate risk insurance cover in place can and will provide financial security.

There are many different types of life insurance products on the market today. Insurance companies and the policies they offer are most definitely not all the same, so it’s very important to consider more than just the price.

The premiums you pay for risk insurance cover should be considered an investment in your financial security…protection against Murphy’s Law!

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The most basic and simple to understand risk insurance product in Australia. Life Insurance policies can be valid up to age 99 and provide a lump sum to your spouse/dependents and/or estate in the event of your death, or to you if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

If you’re married or engaged, have dependents or planning a family, own property or any assets involving debt or are self-employed, then having adequate life insurance cover will provide peace of mind for those you love.


This can be paid up to the age of 65 and pays a replacement income if you are unable to work at full capacity or at all, due to sickness or injury.

Income Protection can provide up to 75% of your income and can help you pay your day-to-day expenses such as your home loan etc. The premiums are usually tax-deductible regardless of being self-employed or PAYG.

Like most other risk insurance policies, Income Protection can be a stand-alone policy or set up in conjunction with other insurances to give you and your family complete financial security.

“Insurance policies are not just products, they are peace of mind to protect your future and those that you love and care for.”


The main purpose of a TPD policy is to help look after you and the ones you love in the event of an accident or illness that leaves you incapacitated because of disability. This type of cover can be bundled together along with life insurance or can be completely independent as a stand-alone insurance policy.

If your family relies on you for financial support (and they probably do) their future is at risk if you unfortunately can’t work anymore due to a debilitating illness or injury. This type of insurance policy usually provides for a lump-sum payment that you can use for medical expenses, family expenses and even towards the mortgage on the family home.


Otherwise known as “living insurance” or critical illness cover. This is a specific type of insurance policy and will provide a lump sum of money in the event of you developing a trauma or critical illness or injury. This could include such things as heart attack, stroke, cancer, loss of limbs or eyes from accidents and many other various types of stipulated traumatic events.

Trauma insurance policies can and often are bundled together with other risk insurance covers to ensure a complete protection plan.