The Right Financial Advice Can Be Life-Changing

It’s my opinion that seeking financial advice from a professional adviser is absolutely critical and can make a world of positive difference to your future.


5 Financial Questions You MUST ask yourself regularly

Do I have too much debt? Do I have enough set aside for an emergency and retirement? Have all these financial questions and more explained.


Is Buying and Selling your Home a Good Financial Strategy?

If you make the right choice with buying and selling your home and you make a profit from some capital gain, then you can keep all of it!


For a GOOD financial plan, allocate money and time

So why do I have to pay to get a financial plan together?…the answer to this is simple… People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.


Insurance…an absolute must-have to protect your family

If you had a money-tree in the back yard you’d sure as hell insure that, wouldn’t you? Well, you’re the money-tree so why NOT insure yourself?


5 Ways couples can handle the difficulty of estate planning

A NerdWallet survey has revealed that roughly 1 in 3 couples do not have any life insurance. Here are 5 things couples can do to be prepared for loss.


Insurance for Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll

If rich rock’n’roll stars use risk insurance to protect themselves, then why don’t the rest of us mere mortals?


7 finance tips for a financially smart Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time but it can be very busy and often a stressful time of the year and certainly an expensive time of the year for just about everyone. Here are 7 finance tips to help keep the expenses in check and to relieve the burden of carrying forward extra debt into the new year.


ANZ last of the big four banks to raise interest rates

ANZ Bank was the last big bank to raise interest under the guise of the regulator enforced capital adequacy requirements to make our banking system even stronger. Why does APRA want this extra strong capital reserves? In case there is another GFC-type event…fair call, I guess? The ANZ Bank decided to stay with the other big 3 and hike their rates

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Not all superannuation funds are created equal

The Murray report (authored by David Murray ex CBA CEO) has, among many things, found that Australians are paying double the fees of other western countries for their retirement funds. This amounts to costing us approximately $20 billion each year (that’s right, you heard this figure correctly) or an average of $1,100 each. This is an enormous amount of money

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